who is beatrys? 

We are crushing so hard on Beatrys! She may be the new kid on the block, but this rockstar knows exactly how to bring it during her first photoshoot with Cage Appleby. Her features are strong and her outfits are legit wardrobe goals. Grab a tea and read a little more about this cool cat at Bintang Models!

Name: Beatrys Ponzoni
Age: 15
Instagram: beatrysponzoni

1. What's your zodiac sign? Gemini 

2. What is the best place to eat in Auckland?
Daikoku. Great Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you!

3. What or who is your spirit animal? Mila kunis playing Jackie in That 70s show.

4. Who are five women you look up to? Rosa Parks, Rihanna, Selena Quintanilla, Adriana Lima, COCO CHANEL.

5. Best piece of advice you have ever received? Time heals all wounds.

6. If you could have one superpower what would it be? Teleportation because I can be anywhere at anytime.

7. Favourite movie of all time? The Notebook..

8. How were you discovered? I was scouted through Instagram.

9. What’s the one thing you could never live without? Music! I listen to music everyday without fault.

10. How would you describe yourself in three words? Opinionated, confident and energetic.

11. What’s one fashion trend you tried and regret the most? Fishnet tights under jeans.

12. What's the soundtrack to your life atm? Rihanna’s ANTI album.

13. What’s the weirdest thing you have eaten? Onion and chives flavoured crickets.

14. Your biggest fear? Public speeches has been a challenge for me over the years. I used to be absolutely terrified of giving presentations at school, so I started taking public speaking seminars to improve. Now, I still get a bit nervous before pitches, but I’ve learned how to remain calm and get the job done right.

15. What are you currently binge watching on Netflix? Rupauals Drag Race.

16. If you could wear any designer or be featured in any magazine, what would it be? Rihanna’s Fenty collection.

17. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check my phone.

18. What’s your proudest moment to date? Not to be cheesy but being apart of the Bintang Models team makes me very proud.

9. If you could have been born in a different time line, when would It be? 1990s the best fashion trends and great music.

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