Amanda Deng featured in VIVA Magazine

T H E  F A M I L Y  T H A T  E A T S  T O G E T H E R  S T A Y S  T O G E T H E R 

Nested within Herne Bay is the Empress Garden Restaurant. Myself & Patric were welcomed inside, where red luminescent bulbs cascaded and danced through the tightly packed hallway. For a moment, you could me mistaken for thinking you stepped right into a Chinese food alley, but everything screamed bespoke traditional Chinese design and art. 

The flashing studio lights cut through the red, and the narration of Guy Coombes was a reminder that we had not come to dine. Amanda sat comfortably with her family in a beautifully constructed & composed dinner scene. Without the creative teams directing and retouching every aspect of the shot between each take, the warmth and loving bond between Amanda and her family truly made us feel like we may have interrupted a family's evening meal.

- Cage Appleby. 

Bintang Models