M E G A N  F O R  F R I E N D +  E N E M I E S


Like something out of a Hollywood movie, Mungo Bates (16) & Panashe Matadi (18) kicked started a new line of streetwear dubbed FRIENDS+ENEMIES straight out of their garage in Hamilton.

After meeting with them before our shoot, It was immediately clear these two kids have the drive and the determination to break out of Hamilton and hit the mainstream with their ultra-cool and fresh line of kicks. Megan was the perfect fit for the shoot! 

Megan Pretorius photographed by Cage Appleby for FRIENDS+ENEMIES

Whenever I photograph Megan, there is always a conversation, a collaborative effort throwing ideas around. Seeing what sticks. Often everything does, so we have to reign in our creative control just a little. 

MUA: Megan Pretorius
Photographer: Cage Appleby
Styled by Cage Appleby & Megan Pretorius

You can find more of Cage's work on his Instagram @cageappleby. Website coming soon. 

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