Backstage at NZCFCW 2017

N Z  C H I N A  F A S H I O N  C U L T U R E  W E E K  2 0 1 7


Talia Rose (left) & Emma Beetge

There was a strong sense of spirit backstage, an atmosphere full of support and encouragement cut by a thick plume of commercial hairspray looming every nook and cranny of each room. The shivering of exhaustion shook through my arms and legs throughout the four-day event, and I took any advantage to relax with my models backstage that I could get, and by relaxing I mean constantly running back and forth like a chicken without a head! The only thought that truly kept me going was that the models would be feeling it just as I was, this show was all about them.

It was through this unspoken understanding of tiredness & excitement that I realized just how much of a kick of enjoyment NZCFCW gave our models. Between the rallying of spirits and the soon to be the after-burn effect, it was immediately clear that most of the models were jumping between adrenaline rushes before you took to the runway. Prepping the models up backstage only furthered their anticipation, giving them a boost of confidence before they stormed to the runway.

They were laughing, prepping, and encouraging each other after hours sitting in the makeup chair and in between rehearsals. There was not one who was left out from the group, they were a family. A family that does not too often see each other all under the same roof & it was incredible to see.   

We are so proud of them all, and we are so humbled to have the position that we do. They have all grown so much in the past few weeks. Determined, strong willed and highly professional. I couldn't ask for anything more. 

- Cage Appleby .


Shot by Cage Appleby

Bintang Models