This Agreement is entered into on this day by and between BINTANG MODELS LTD  and the Student/Parent or Guardian, hereinafter referred to as Client. The Client hereby enrolls and BINTANG MODELS LTD hereby accepts such enrollment and reserves a place for the Client In the program stated.  


I.  Do not process this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces.

II.  This contract is a legally binding Instrument when electronically submitted by the client and accepted by BINTANG MODELS LTD © 23 Albert Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

 * BINTANG MODELS LTD does not procure, offer, promise or guarantee, engagements, employment or auditions for the Client, which includes representation by BINTANG MODELS LTD. 

** It is understood and agreed that the workshop fee must be paid in full before the Client may be permitted into BINTANG MODELS LTD workshop.  After Client’s deposit of $750.00 is processed.

*** All monies paid will be retained by the BINTANG MODELS LTD.  Failure of the Client to take any lessons or to complete the Program shall not relieve The Client of his or her obligations hereunder nor shall any absence entitle The Client to assign to any other person.  The client may request for full refund no longer than 14 days from date client registered at BINTANG MODELS LTD.